The S. Ray Miller Auto Museum was a great small automobile museum in Elkhart, IN.  It had 40 nearly priceless vintage cars in the collection.  The cars were not just standard cars, they were award winning cars.  Thirteen 100 point Classic Car Club of America winners, as well as Antique Automobile Club of America National winners.  In the early 2000′s though, S. Ray and Linda L. Miller decided that they needed to rest, and Mr. Miller’s heath was not great.  So everything was sold at RM Auctions in 2004.


There are cool collections coming up all the time.  One of the bigger collections to come up in recent times is the Lambrecht Chevrolet auction.  It was a very rare occurance in the car world.  The dealership took trade ins and new cars that didn’t sell through the years and tucked them away at their farm or other properties.  So it was possible to pick up cars there that had little to no miles on them.  You could pick up a 58 Chevrolet Impala with 7 miles, that was rather unique.

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